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Trading Psychology - How Do I Trade In The Zone?

Trading in the zone is a goal that all traders strive to reach.


We have discussed in a previous article what trading in the zone is.  if you have not reviewedseth-gregory-trading-psychology that material yet, please do so by clicking this link to trading in the zone.  After reading that article, return here to continue with reading this article and it will more meaningful for you.

There are two things you must do to be able to trade in the zone. 

The first thing you must do is you must have a clearly defined trading strategy or trading system.  The system must have very specific rules for entering trades and a strategy for taking profits.  These rules must be so specific that you could turn them into a computer program.  A computer program cannot be written without specific trade entry criteria.  If you do not have your trade entry criteria clearly defined to the point that a computer program could be written - then you can never be a trader who is trading in the zone.  Why?  Because trading in the zone requires you to be completing familiar tasks in a familiar environment, that is what makes you comfortable and confident.
The second thing you must do to be trading in the zone, is you must start taking EVERY trade your trading system or trading strategy tells you to take.  Now here is the crazy thing, once you have a clearly defined trading strategy you will find that you can trade it in any market and in any time frame.  The entire world markets will be there for you to enter and exit positions at will.  So, we do not need to start by taking on all of the financial markets of the world.  Pick a couple of markets and pick a couple of time frames and start there.  Not only start there but stay there for at least 6 months and take every trade that your trading strategy tells you to take, no questions asked.

Trading in the zone is just practice expressed in real time.

Trading in the zone is many times related to professional sports when players or teams are playing amazingly well.  It is as if they are the only ones on the field.  Are these magical moments that just happen to occur?  No. These are moments when hours, days and years of practice smoothly and harmoniously come out without thought.  These are moments that no matter what else is happening on the field or in life, all those hours, days and weeks of practice are expressed just as if it is another day of practice.  No one could just walk on the field who has only spent a few hours of their life practicing the sport and do what the trained athlete is doing when they are doing it their best.  An untrained and unpracticed person could not do it, even if there was not another player on the field.  In order to do the things a trained athlete does, you must train.  Even though an athlete's training may vary some, the entire focus of their training is to enhance and strengthen the basic skills of the sport.  Those training sessions are daily, they are routine- they are consistent.
When is the last time you practiced your trading?  I mean practicing the basic skills of your sport- your trading strategy - over and over again.  Practicing like the trained athlete, so that when you are in the real game, all of your responses are known, familiar, automatic and comfortable?  Every trader I have asked, has said never.  So that begs the question, how do you expect to ever be a trader that is trading in the zone if you do not practice and train the same as an athlete?  The answer: you will never ever be a trader that can achieve trading in the zone.
So how do you practice trading so that you can trade in the zone in real time?  You can demo or paper trade and you can back test your trading strategy over and over again- even on the same markets.  Practice is practice. Athletes mostly go to the same gym and use the same equipment over and over again.  Why would you do anything different when it comes to trading?
The first thing you need to do in order to trade in the zone, is to have a profitable trading strategy with clearly defined rules that you can practice with.  Do you have a trading strategy that is profitable?  Do you have a clearly defined set of trading rules?  If not, start by visiting Trading Your Brain Trading at  They will give you a free trading strategy and 45 days of free training to prove to you the strategy has been profitable in all markets and time frames for decades.  Start there and start practicing so that you can be a trader that is trading in the zone.
All the best!
Seth Gregory


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