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Traders spend millions on trading systems and spend almost nothing on the education that makes up 90% of what is necessary for success- trading psychology. Join our step by step 12 week online workshop today.

About The Trader's Mindset Course
our trading psychology course takes the time you need to become a successful trader 
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The first thing we would like to say is, none of us that work on this website are medical doctors or trained psychologists.  That may seem a bit disconcerting, however, neither is the author of one of the most reputable books on trading psychology.  When we use the expression 'trading psychology', we are referring to the thought processes that go on in the minds of traders.  After working with 1000s of traders from all over the world, we have found that the majority of us have very similar thought processes while we are trading and while we are not trading.  This program is based on the techniques we have used to help ourselves and other traders.

Many of the techniques you will find here are discussed in the most popular trading psychology courses and workshops.  However, we provide you with a step by step program those books and workshops fail to present. We provide a practical and meaningful application of the materials contained in many of these other programs.

An interesting thing we have found is, many traders have a profitable trading system but fail to be a successful trader.  When you have something that works and you fail to be able to use it successfully, the problem can only be in one place- our minds.  Our minds contain our thoughts and our emotions.  Most, if not all of our thoughts, are charged either with a positive charge or a negative charge.  We do not have to know the exact details of how all of that works, just like we do not have to know all the details of how electricity turns on a light.  We just have to know how to turn on the light to get what we want.  This course is how we and other traders have turned on the light to successful trading, after we already had a profitable trading system.  If you need a profitable trading system visit Train Your Brain Trading for a free trading strategy and instructions on how to trade it.

The trading psychology course is simple and easy to follow but it does require work and effort. Something interesting we have found is that most traders do not want to put forth the effort required in the 12 week program.  They try to do the least possible.  When we stop and think about it, can we ever expect any of those traders to succeed?  No.  When traders follow the program properly and put forth the effort, success follows closely.  Please choose to invest in the 12 weeks it will take to turn on the successful trading light.

We can only help you, if you are going to put forth the effort to do the work to help yourself.  We cannot carry you into the world of successful trading, but we can guide you on the path.


All the best!

Seth Gregory & The Trader's Mindset Team


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