How to Build A Trader's Mindset

Traders spend millions on trading systems and spend almost nothing on the education that makes up 90% of what is necessary for success- trading psychology. Join our step by step 12 week online workshop today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Access My Private Consultations?

Please email and send your phone number, the time zone you live in and a good time to ring you. It is also good to send us your Skype user name too. We will contact you and setup the appointments that meet your schedule. These sessions can be spread out as you feel you need. Each session must be in no less than 30 minutes.

How Does The Refund Work

We do not recognize buyers remorse or refund for lack of effort. You must show us that our program did not work. You must present your weekly assignments for the entire course and evidence that your trading did not improve. If you have purchased the addon email support of private consultations those will only be refunded with the above requirements and never having used any email or private support.

Why Do I Only See 1 Week Of The Course Available?

The course has been designed to give you the best chance of success by minimizing the effects of self sabotage. Most online or home study courses content is delivered all once and there is no structure and the student spends hard earned money and defeats themselves by not following the structure of the program. We have used technology to support your success bu only giving you one week of content at at time. Once a new week is unlocked all previous weeks will remain open and unlocked for you to review.

How Do I Know If My Trading Strategy Is Profitable?

This is a funny question that we hear alot. We have no idea how to know if your trading strategy is profitable. What we recommend is that you sign up for the 45 Day Free Training at and follow the method taught to you there to prove your trading strategy is profitable. If you want to a trading strategy that is easy, has been successful for decades and trades with the trend, we recommend trading strategy #2 from Train Your Brain Trading. Trading Strategy #1 from that site is profitable but not as profitable as Trading Strategy #2. They provide decades of evidence that Trading Strategy #2 is profitable.

My Account Seems To Be Locked, What Do I Do?

Accounts get locked if you have accessed your account from more than 2 IP different addresses in a day. This is security that we use to protect our site and to keep the prices of the content at low prices. Please open a support ticket and we will process unlocking your account. If this happens over a weekend your account will be unlocked in 24 hours automatically.

How Do I Read An Article If I Do Not Have A Social Media Account

We recommend to set up a twitter account that you may never really use for anything else. Why? Social media links help us rank better in Google and give us more exposure to help more people with meaningful content. A small price to pay for good stuff.


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